Senior banned from graduation ceremony after social media post

STOCKTON, California (KTRK) -- A school in California is banning one senior from its graduation ceremony after comments she posted on social media.

"I am confused and disappointed in my own school," said Alexis Irvine.

Just days away from her graduation ceremony, one Stockton, California high school student was banned from the once in a lifetime event.

The post stated:

"Saint Mary's repetitively put time and money into bettering the sports programs rather than upgrading our education and our school."

Also her post included allegations of outdated learning tools and dirty conditions.

The school president said the post broke its policy that includes a section about undermining the school's mission. The president adds the student is allowed to graduate but will not be participating in the graduation ceremony.

"I wanted to express an opinion because I felt like that was something I experienced and I wanted to share that with people and I got condemned for it," Irvine said to station KOVR-TV.

Her story has gone viral with the social media hashtag #letlexywalk.
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