Parker Elementary students bring music to the streets

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- What's an elementary music class to do in the age of social distancing? If you're the kids at Parker Elementary in Southwest Houston, you bring the music outdoors.

"I realized parents were having a hard time getting kids to practice," said Lisa Vosdoganes, a music teacher at the school. "So I said, 'let's do a virtual flash mob."

On Mondays at 10am, Lisa gets on Facebook Live and tells students which song to play. Those kids and their parents will join in on the same song and play for around 10 to fifteen minutes from their front yards.

"Music is just part of our lives and it's really nice to keep that sense of normalcy," says Tracie Parzen, whose kids go to the school.

When the kids play, the neighborhood comes out to watch - from a distance.

"People are scared and anxious and stressed out," says student Sierra Pichot. "And I think just hearing a little music helps with anxiety a lot."

Vosdoganes says people from as far as New York and San Francisco have logged on to take part in her flash mobs. If you'd like to check out next week's event, go to the Parker Quarantine Flash Mob page on Facebook.
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