Parents say school sex ed too graphic for 4th grade students

FREMONT, California -- Parents packed Wednesday night's Fremont Unified School Board meeting to protest a new sex ed curriculum that they say is too graphic for young students.

Parents made their voices heard before the meeting began. They're against the new sexual education curriculum that would be taught to Fremont students starting in 4th grade.

"It's very sexually explicit to a lot of them, especially since the curriculum is taught for fourth grade and up," said Ivy Wu, a former school board member.

"On the content of the curriculum itself, too much too soon, and also just the lack of parental involvement in the process," said Chris Drake, a father of third and fourth-grade students.

The associate superintendent for instruction said parent information sessions were held at the beginning of the year. And the subject matter has been vetted by experts and is in line with state law.

"Making sure that any instruction that we have in fourth through sixth grade be medically accurate, be inclusive and make sure the teachers are very well trained," said Associate Superintendent for Instruction Denise Herrmann.

Some people did come to support the curriculum.

"More information is always better. The information is going to help the kids make healthier, happier decision and ultimately stay safe throughout their lives," said Fremont resident Leena Yin.

But for the most part, the board heard negative comments.

The board could make a decision on the new sex ed classes next month.

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