Concerned parents can ask for crossing guards for HISD schools

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- For kids crossing Navigation at 70th Street on Houston's East End, walking to school is more like running a gauntlet, according to some adults in the neighborhood like Jessica Sanchez. "They're too much in a hurry, they're not slowing down and watching out for the children."

Sanchez volunteers, donning a yellow vest, helping the children cross from the north side of Navigation to arrive at nearby Edison Middle School and Franklin Elementary. There is no HISD crossing guard, so she does it herself, and wishes she'd been there for a 6th grader hit by a car at this spot on Monday.

"It was tragic, the look on the little boy's face, scared, confused, hurt, that's just something that I don't want to tolerate anymore," said Sanchez.

This isn't a four-way stop, so Sanchez steps out in traffic to encourage vehicles to allow the children to cross.

In a written statement, HISD said, "An HISD crossing guard team leader has been assigned to monitor the Maltby and Navigation intersection to help determine if a crossing guard is needed."

If you suspect your child's HISD school needs a crossing guard, you can call 713-842-3715 and ask for the HISD Crossing Guard Division.
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