New controversy over demolition of Wheatley HS

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The old Wheatley High and E. O. Smith School, in the 1700 Block of Gregg St. in Houston, is the center of attention again. Not because of its demolition this time. Now residents are concerned there may be asbestos in it, and the neighborhood is being exposed to it.

For weeks, a Preservation Coalition has been fighting to stop the demolition of the school, built back in the 1920's. But, the school board voted to move forward with the demolition.

Now the focus is on the materials in the building, and if they are hazardous. Joetta Stevenson with the Preservation Coalition says she is "not just concerned about her health, but the health of our children."

Residents and members of the coalition are contacting HISD trying to get answers and see what type of tests have been done to insure their health and safety.
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