Kentucky twins get perfect score on ACT

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (KTRK) -- During the summer most kids are going on family vacations or just hanging out with friends, but not the Rydzewski twins.

Sophie Rydzewski and her twin sister Nell Rydzewski took the ACT in June and received a perfect score.

For weeks the girls took several practice tests a day, and thankfully that work paid off.

"I saw a 36," said Sophie. "I was completely shocked and happy and everything."

When older sister Nell saw her sister's test scores, the competitive gene kicked in hard.

"I was more nervous than ever because I'd have to get at least a 36 to match up with her," Nell said.

ACT officials said about 2 million students took the test last year. Of that, about 2,200 got a perfect score. That puts the girls in the 99.9 percentile.
The twins attend Sacred Heart Academy and their teachers are speechless.

Amy Nall is an assistant principal and dean of studies at Sacred Heart. She said teachers are proud of the girls and that the twins have always seemed connected.

"It's amazing," said Nall. "One would start to answer and the other could answer."

Now that they have received such good scores on the ACT they can dedicate their time to something else.

"I just want to see what I can do in life and I just want to measure myself in as many ways as possible so I have a true sense of what I can accomplish," said Sophie.

ACT officials said they don't even track how many rising sophomores have gotten perfect scores because so few attempt the test.

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