Katy ISD teen gets perfect score on standardized college entrance exam

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Like so many high school juniors, Nicholas Khami is getting mailers from colleges all over the country.

But unlike most of those juniors, the Tompkins High School Student scored a perfect 36 on the ACT, a standardized college entrance exam.

It is rare. Less than two-tenths of one percent of all students who take it get a perfect score. Khami deflects the credit to those who've supported him.

"I didn't study for all that long," said Khami. "It was the classes that I've taken, the teachers I've had prepared me for it over time."

He's not only a scholar, but he's also an Eagle Scout, is active in debate, and plays lacrosse.

He'd like to study computer engineering or computer science in college. He'll most likely pick one in-state school, one out of state public school, and one Ivy to visit before he applies.

"I really want to go to a top ten school in that (has computer science or computer engineering)," he said. "Whether it's Cal Tech, is number one. MIT is number one. Stanford is number one."

Khami is hoping to earn scholarships and he's already doling out advice to peers about how best to prep for their standardized tests.

Though again, he's reluctant to take credit as much as give it to his parents, his teachers, and his schooling in Katy ISD. They've made his life good so far and he wants to pay it forward.

"I really want to create software and hardware that lets people be more efficient and lead better lives," he said.

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