Sharpstown High School principal under investigation

HOUSTON -- A Houston high school principal is in the hot seat again after allegations involving students were brought against him on Monday.

According to the Houston Independent School District, Rob Gasparello has been removed from Sharpstown High School pending the outcome of the investigation. The district would not elaborate on what the allegations are or how many students it involves.

Gasparello was removed from his post in 2013 after allegations against him and two teachers surfaced. Gasparello was charged with several counts of failure to report suspected child abuse. Those charges were later dropped as a part of a plea deal with prosecutors. Gasparello was allowed to return to campus.

The Texas Federation of Teachers responded to the allegations. President Gayle Fallon issued the following statement:

"This is an epidemic all over the district. There are YouTube videos out there that teach students how to get a teacher fired. Even if a teacher or principal is proven innocent, it destroys their credibility. The district needs to look at their procedures and make sure that when they remove a teacher, they have first done enough investigating."

Gasparello was featured on a national television show for his commitment to motiving students to excel and graduate high school.

Gasparello will not be allowed to return Sharpstown High School until the investigation is complete, district officials said Tuesday. It has been reported that LULAC brought forth the allegations to the district. Eyewitness News reached out to LULAC representatives late Tuesday. Our calls were not immediately returned.
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