Houston class offers modern day finishing school

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Teaching our daughters manners, the proper way to apply makeup, and how to dress is easier said than done for most parents. Sometimes, a third party is the best way to have success, and who better than a former Miss USA to help put our girls' best foot forward?

Missouri City native Crystle Stewart-Sebrechts traveled the world, learned life skills from some of the best, and now she and her team are helping Houston's young women one step at a time at her finishing school MISS Academy.

"MISS stands for manners, image, style, success, so it's modern day finishing school. You learn everything you don't learn in traditional school, so hair, makeup, nails, wardrobe, cooking, nutrition, fitness, the list goes on," explains Stewart-Sebrechts.

It was a program 16-year-old Allie Mouton wanted to try.

"I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so to have the opportunity to learn the life skills that I had no idea about is huge," says Mouton.

Ten year-old Brooke Blum couldn't think of a better way to spend her summer.

"My mom was telling me about it, and they have anything a girl would want to do," adds Blum.

MISS Academy teaches the teens heated curl looks and hair care.

Another big part of class is dining etiquette.

"I went to a debutante ball in New York, and it was a 12-course meal, and I had no idea what to do. I don't want any girl in this situation I'm was in," recalls Stewart-Sebrechts.

So the students learn the order to use utensils, to never blow on their soup, and what to do with their napkins when they leave the table.

They also walk the runway.

"I'm teaching the girls poise and posture through modeling," says Stewart-Sebrechts.

In just one week, Moulton transformed into a young lady.

"So far, I've learned posture, manners, how to walk on the runway the correct way, how to get in the car the proper way," she says.

Younger girls also take a vision board class.

"Having a vision and having goals and believing in yourself in being confident, and that's what MISS Academy is all about. We're selling confidence," explains Stewart-Sebrechts.

Something Blum's gaining more of each day.

"You get to show who you are inside and out. Like, every girl deserves a chance at MISS Academy," says Blum.

MISS Academy is for ages 5 through 27. They are currently in the Summer Pop program, which is one-week program, and they're registering for their fall three-month program. Prices start $595.

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