The good ole days: HISD students hit the right note on nostalgia

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A group of HISD students hit the right note when saying farewell to their choir teacher, Starlic Williams. McGowen Elementary students performed an original song composed by Williams with a message for children everywhere.

The song, "Get Back," is filled with nostalgic lyrics that speak directly to our hearts. The lyrics include, "Get back to the good ole days when it was cool to go school and get good grades. Get back to the good ole days when we had cool rap like hip-hop hooray, hey, oh."

Williams posted the entire video on his Facebook page.

"I had to TURN UP with my choir kids one last time," said Williams.

When Williams initially came to McGowen he was only supposed to a substitute teacher for a few days.

"(But) I saw a piano in the corner that wasn't being used, so I pulled it out and started teaching the kids to sing," explained Williams. "The principal saw us and asked me to come back for the remainder of the school year and start a choir. I was excited and accepted the challenge."
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Since then, Williams has continued to inspire his students. He even wrote the school song.

"I write all of the songs and music (to) make class fun and totally outside the box, which is how I live my life in general," said Williams.

Under Williams' direction, the fledgling McGowen Honeybees choir even won first place in its division this year at Sutton Elementary School's annual music competition.

Williams told ABC13, "I don't consider myself a teacher. I'm a God gifted musician who's simply using the talents/gifts to inspire the leaders of tomorrow."
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