HISD parents want answers for low graduation rates

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- At least one school board member is looking for answers after hearing concerns from Madison High School parents regarding the school's low graduation rate.

During a PTO meeting, it was said that half of the seniors at the school aren't eligible for graduation this year.

"My whole issue was the kids that dropped out. What are you going to do to the community for the kids who dropped out?" says parent, Tanika Thomas.

Board member, Wanda Adams, is now requesting to see the numbers for herself from that school and other district high schools.

The latest graduation data from HISD in 2017 shows Madison High School's graduation rate is low, with only 71 percent of students graduating. It's been going down for the past five years.

"They (parents) pull their students, they're finding another school in HISD, then they're applying for magnet programs," says Thomas.

The district tells ABC13 that administrators at the high school are working with students who don't meet requirements for graduation by offering credit recovery, extra work, and Saturday school. Students who can't graduate in May can also go to summer school for summer graduation.

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