Oklahoma school to require drug tests for parking permits

BIXBY, Oklahoma -- A high school in Oklahoma is putting into place a parking policy that would require students to take a drug test.

Officials with the Bixby Public Schools will be the first school districts in the state to implement the policy.

The school district announced it on its website.

"Parking on school district property is a privilege, not a right. Students who park on school district property operate vehicles in close proximity to other students and faculty and may also have passengers in their vehicles. Because of this, the potential harm from misjudgment or impaired judgment due to alcohol or illegal drugs is great," the policy states.

The school said the policy is to prevent alcohol and illegal drug use and is not intended to be disciplinary in nature. They said the students may be punished if a violation of the policy results in other school district violations.

If a student violates the policy, it will result in a meeting with a parent or guardian, counseling and a 30-day parking pass revocation. Students will be able to shorten the revocation through additional counseling and activities.

The district said that students and parents will have to sign a contract for the policy before they are allowed to get a parking permit.

The parking permits cost $20, while the drug test is $25.

Students would be required to submit to random drug testing or testing due to any "reasonable suspicion."

Students will also have to pay fines and be subject to towing for parking on campus if they fail to register for a parking permit and pay for that permit and drug test before Sept. 1.

Click here for more information about the parking policy at Bixby High School.

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