Here's how to save big on back-to-school shopping

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For the next few weeks Eyewitness News reporter Chelsea Hernandez is dedicated to saving families money during back to school shopping.

If you're looking for school supplies the best deals can come from the time and location of your purchase.

With the help of Houston Moms Blog, we discovered the items you may want to stay away from.

Piper Nitchman, a former teacher, knows a thing or two about which supplies to buy and when to to buy items.

"The reality is the sales are on right now and start gradually," Nitchman said.

Many stores are starting their sales for back to school. Staples has a price match of 110 percent.

"We have this great deal that if you find something cheaper anywhere else we will price match 100 percent and then give you an additional 10 percent off," Staples associate Reenarda Reynolds Mathews said.

Vivian Vanwright, a teacher, says these deals are a game changer for parents looking for deals.

"That means I don't have to run all over town, and I don't have to chase the sales," Vanwright said.

When it comes to shopping name brands, Nitchman says teachers have their favorites.

"Brand specific things I would say Crayola colors, Sharpies and Elmer's glue," Nitchman said.

With other supplies like note cards, filler paper, folders and rulers, Nitchman says it's okay to buy the store brand.

"Try to shop the store brand because you're going to get big savings that way," Nitchman said.

Also, try waiting until the end of August when stores like Kroger and HEB start making room for Halloween decorations.

Many teachers say it's the best time to stock up on extra supplies.
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