Free community college on its way in U.S.?

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- President Obama is proposing a plan to make community college free for all Americans who are willing to really focus on an education.

President Obama made the announcement in a video on Facebook this week. He's proposing a program that makes community college free "for everybody who is willing to work for it."

Administrators at HCC Central Campus say it would change so many lives.

Dr. Cesar Maldonado, chancellor of Houston Community College, said, "This, when they get it out and understood by students that it's free, that burden shifts to the administration - to the college and not to the student so that's a great advantage to the student to know that it's free to them and they don't have to worry about any paperwork, any requirements, they need to focus on grades and performance."

HCC professor Pamela Norwood said, "While many of them will apply for financial aid, any kind of assistance that they get financially, would be just wonderful."

While details on how it will work have not been released, knowing it's being discussed is like a miracle for some students -- one that could change their lives forever.

Student Mariella Bosquez said, "Right now I work three jobs and I think that school and education in general is just really important. It would definitely take some of the pressure off. I think a lot more students would be encouraged, like, fresh out of high school, you go to your community college, you do your basics and that will all give them a head start."
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