After complaints, Alvin ISD cancels controversial play

ALVIN, TEXAS (KTRK) -- Alvin High School students are upset after district officials canceled a theatre performance they say was too edgy.

"It's just a play, really," said 14-year-old Everett Lucas, who helped build the set for the show.

The Wondrous Strange is a fantasy story some have compared to Twilight. Students have been working for months to put it on.

But after Friday's performance, district officials canceled Saturday's show, saying too many people complained about the show's references to drugs, alcohol, and prostitution.

"We had a number of small children in the audience," explained Daniel Combs with Alvin ISD.

He said administrators reviewed the script, but the final production came off differently than they expected.

All teachers and staff who saw the full show beforehand are now being investigated. But some parents call the move censorship.

"There's always controversial plays," explained Lucas' grandfather, Jim French. "Those make the great plays in today's times and old times."
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