Two students charged for recording student in bathroom

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Two students at a Third Ward school are facing charges. They're accused of recording another student in the bathroom, then posting that video online.

A letter went to parents of Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan telling them two students were charged.

"I think it's ridiculous that someone was taking pictures of other students and posting them on social media in the restroom. It's a privacy issue," one parent said.

The district says the two are accused of filming a fellow student in the boy's bathroom then posting it on social media. While juveniles, the charges are serious: improper photography or visual recording. Those students will face serious consequences with both police and the school.

Ashley Small is a social media expert who encourages parents to talk to their children about the 'do's and don'ts' and the permanent footprint that can be left behind.

"Young people are not understanding the risk of using social media so everything has to be captured. Everything has to be shared. The more our technology increases and is a part of our daily lives, the more they are using it to take advantage of others," Small said.

It's unclear if it was a joke or if the student knew their picture was being taken, but it doesn't change the consequences.

HISD said in a statement:

"Two Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan students were arrested Monday and charged with improper photography or visual recording after reportedly filming a fellow student while in the boys' bathroom. The incident was reported Monday to campus administrators, who immediately notified HISD Police. In addition to criminal charges, the students in question will be disciplined per the HISD Student Code of Conduct."

For more information on how to protect your children go to the CrimeStoppers website.

For information on the HISD Student Code of Conduct on cellphone use, see page 10 of the student guide.
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