10K HISD students to be temporarily moved to new schools

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- HISD says that an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 HISD students will need to be temporarily moved to new schools.

The first day of school for HISD students will be Monday, Sept. 11, the school district announced Thursday.

The district says this is still dependent on weather and facility conditions.

HISD says facilities have worked on 245 schools so far and out of those 115 can be deep cleaned and ready for school 9/11.

HISD has 300 facilities, and 190 facilities have been assessed so far. They hope to get all 300 done by midnight tonight.

Of the 190 assessed so far, all of them had water inside. HISD Superintendent Richard Carranza called it "water intrusion," which means some schools could have just a little bit of water that's easy to clean up, while others are more severe.

The reason the remaining 100 or so have not been assessed is because staff could not get to them.

Carranza told ABC13 Liberty High School had significant damage, and that classes will likely have to take place in another facility.

Also, he said some schools could have to consolidate, but there are still a lot of unknowns.

Staff returns to work on Sept. 8, ahead of the school start date on Sept. 11.

When school resumes, HISD said it will relax the school uniform policy.

HISD said it will go to shelters 72 hours before the start of school to locate and organize transportation for students.

When classes resume, HISD will provide all of its students with three meals each day because of the Hurricane Harvey devastation.

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The three things that Carranza said will determine when school starts:
1. The greater Houston infrastructure
2. HISD facilities - are they safe?
3. Do we have our staff ready to come back?

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