Liberians in Houston eyeing Ebola developments

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- There are about 3,000 Liberian Americans living in Houston and their relatives who come to visit fly through this airport. Liberian Americans who live in Houston are very concerned about their family still in Liberia. Some have lost up to 10 family members to the disease.

Kima Ross has lived in Houston for years. Her relatives are back home.

"My mom, my brothers, my cousins, everybody in Liberia," she said.

Ross talks with her family everyday. "They're living in fear right now, but at the same time, praying for protection."

But Ross has already been touched by tragedy.

Her 10-year-old nephew Raj died from Ebola in August.

"He died, but we didn't know what he died from. But after like 11 days, his father died. They tested his blood and he was diagnosed with Ebola," Ross said.

Members of the Liberian Association of Greater Houston are doing their best to educate their family members still in Liberia about Ebola, especially the ones who come to visit.

"We have been very focused on eructating our community, just ensuring that when we have friends and visitors coming, that we ask the right questions," said Effua McGowen with the Liberian Association of Greater Houston.

As for those who can't leave Liberia, relatives can only pray her relatives will survive.

"They tell me to calm down, that it's gonna be OK," Ross said.

Certainly a lot of fear is going through the Liberian American community right now. Bush Airport does have a CDC quarantine station they can use if they observe passengers arriving with visible symptoms.
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