Dying boy with cancer hopes to fulfill 'bucket list'

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- When most of us think of a 'bucket list' we think of what we want to do later on in life. But, there is a young family in Houston that is making sure their five-year-old son lives out his dreams before they have to say goodbye to him.

Billy Lee has plenty of dinosaurs, video games and he also has something he did not ask for, a severe brain tumor. Doctors say, he has three months to live.

Billy's mother, Kelen Lee described her emotions, "Feels happy to spend the time. Also feels sad. Ya know for the reason."

Billy was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma at three years old. His parents say he came home from school with crossed eyes on day.

Father Chris Lee said, "It hurts to see it, but it feels like we have to do it there's no choice it's what we do as parents, take care of our kids."

Billy's cancer does not have a cure. He has been through multiple surgeries. No chemotherapy has worked and during Billy's treatment, doctors at M.D. Anderson found that some of the cancer cells spread to this spine.

During our visit, Billy got very tired. He is sensitive to loud noises and bright lights, even the sunshine outside is too much for him.

His father explained, "He hears the kids run around outside and it makes him happy. He asks we take him outside, but after a couple of minutes, you chase him around, he wears out."

Billy's parents stopped his treatment. They are taking a break from their jobs to be with their son around the clock and enjoy precious moments they may never have as a family again.
His father hoped,

"Biggest wish would be to cure this, since we can't it would be to make him happy."

If you'd like to contribute to a Go Fund page that has been set up for the family.

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