Man facing jail time if he doesn't pay $218 for long overdue movie rental

TULSA, Oklahoma (KTRK) -- It seems like DVD rentals are nearly obsolete in 2018, but one is still costing an Oklahoma man.

In fact, he could end up in jail if he doesn't pay up for a long overdue movie rental, KTUL-TV reports.

Universal Studios paid a lot of money for the movie "Ted," but somewhere next in line has to be Lonnie Perry.

"I lived in Claremore at the time, just a regular weekday. I went home from work, stopped by and rented a movie, then went home and watched it," Perry said.

He thinks the 2014 rental of "Ted" set him back about $5 or $6 at the time. Shortly after, he became homeless.

Perry threw all his things in a box and moved, that DVD included. He said he'd completely forgotten that he never returned it until he got a phone call from the Rogers County DA, and then a letter in the mail.

It's become a very expensive DVD in the past four years-- $218.07.

"I just don't have that kind of money right off. I'll get it and I'll pay it, I'll do what I have to do. But I just think it could have went a different route," Perry said.

Perry could get a warrant for his arrest if he doesn't pay the fee.

The store says they tried to get in touch with Lonnie several times, but they couldn't track him down, so they eventually passed it off to the Rogers County DA, since it is more or less stolen property in their eyes.

"I understand the video place having to do what they've got to do. But there's other means of trying to get ahold of people without throwing a warrant," Perry said.

The store will get $19 for the movie and $25 for lost profits.

The DA gets $174 as part of a state statute that deals with unreturned movies.
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