Indiana school district to start randomly drug testing high school students

CLARK COUNTY, Indiana (KTRK) -- A school district in Indiana says they will start drug testing high school students who take part in extracurricular activities.

Henryville High School and Borden High School will randomly select ten students each quarter and test them for ten drugs that teenagers are most likely to use.

Lance Leach, a concerned parent, says that he wished the district would have communicated with parents first.

"There has to be a reasoning, and you have to talk to a parent beforehand," Leach said. "Like suspicious behavior or they got caught doing something, then maybe, but not just random drug testing."

Other parents are supporting the district's decision.

"They do that in high school, even in middle school. Maybe some of the drugs will be stopped from being brought to school," grandparent Deanna Allen said.

The policy will be funded by $10 parking passes, purchased by students who drive to school.

If students test positive, they will be ineligible for one-third of scheduled extracurricular activities after the first offense.

After the third offense, the student will become ineligible for the rest of their high school career.
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