Drivers free after power lines fall on cars on Beaumont Highway

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It was a terrifying few hours for a couple of people driving on Beaumont Highway near Crosby when their cars came in contact with downed power lines.

Authorities say they did the right thing by staying inside the vehicles and calling for help.

CenterPoint came out to shut off the power and after a scary wait, the vehicles were able to drive away and no one was hurt.

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But it could have been a whole lot worse. Hundreds of thousands of volts can potentially pump through those lines and could have turned the situation deadly.

Power companies say it's a good reminder of what you should do if you find yourself around a downed power line: don't touch it or any wire near it, and call 911 or the electric company.

If your vehicle comes in direct contact with a downed power line, power companies advise:
  • Stay put and seek help
  • Honk the horn, call or yell for help
  • Make sure to tell passersby not to come near the vehicle

ORIGINAL REPORT: Downed powerlines trap several people on Beaumont Highway
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Deputies say several people are trapped after powerlines fell on Beaumont Highway in east Harris County.

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