Driver rams day care van into new Costco store in The Woodlands

ByBrandon K. Scott, The Courier of Montgomery County
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Customers and employees of Costco walk by a roll up door that was hit by a van during an attempted break-in on Tuesday morning. MCSO detectives are searching for those responsible
Michael Minasi/HCN

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Montgomery County Sheriff's Office detectives are looking for at least one person who Tuesday morning drove a stolen day care van into the new Costco Wholesale store in The Woodlands.

The store, located at the intersection of Interstate 45 and Texas 242, has been open for only two months and now has roughly $5,000 in damages to its two steel rolling doors.

Fortunately for Costco, there was merchandise stacked near the doors rammed into by the driver of the stolen day care van.

"They had piles of merchandise behind the doors, which actually ended up block the doors from caving in," MCSO Lt. Brady Fitzgerald said.

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