Florida driver sings his way out of a traffic ticket

ORLANDO,FL (KTRK) -- A high note for deputies! A man in Florida used his singing voice to get out of a traffic ticket.

T.J. Bristol was pulled over Sunday in Orlando for failure to wear a seat belt.

"I was like oh my God I'm in trouble, I'm in trouble because I thought I did something wrong," said Bristol.

Bristol got out of his car and said the female deputies asked him why he was dressed up.

"I told her I'm a singer, I'm a gospel artist, and she was like well sing me a song," said Bristol.

He sang, "You're So Beautiful" to the deputies and promised he would buckle up in the future. The deputies decided to let Bristol off with a warning.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office confirmed the incident, even sharing Bristol's video on its own Facebook page.

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