Man reunites with doctor he canoed to hospital during Harvey

WEBSTER, Texas (KTRK) -- As Hurricane Harvey roared through greater Houston, Dr. Stephen Kimmel knew he still had a job to do.

"The way we're taught is the mission is always the most important thing," said Kimmel. "So I think we just had to get it done."

There was a problem, though.

Water had risen around the doctor's home, making it virtually impossible to get to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center the traditional way.

That was when Kevin Mikulan and his friend came in. Eyewitness News was there as the rescuer re-connected with the rescued for the first time since Harvey.

When Mikulan got his orders from the fire department last August, he set off to rescue the pediatric surgeon. He and his colleague faced treacherous conditions but pressed on.

"We got him in the canoe and canoed him until we couldn't canoe anymore," recalled Mikulan. "So then Zeke stayed with the canoe. We wanted to make sure he got there safe and sound, so I ran him up to the door."

Within five minutes, Dr. Kimmel was in the operating room performing surgery on a teen who was running out of time. That patient is doing well. And the doc? Well, he says he'll never forget the humanity of his community.

"One thing that really impressed me is how Houston and Texans really took care of each other," Dr. Kimmel said.

Since Harvey, Mikulan has plans to go to the Air Force and then become an official firefighter.

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