5 things you need to know about sunscreen

Summer is almost here and while many of us will be spending more time outdoors, that doesn't mean sunscreen is just for the warm weather. Dr. Sherry Ingraham with Advanced Dermatology says that we should be wearing sunscreen everyday year-round.

Look for a sunscreen that's SPF 30 or higher and the best ones have zinc in them. When applying sunscreen to your whole body, Dr. Ingraham says to be generous. You should use a shot glass-sized amount of lotion on your entire body.

When applying sunscreen, especially to your face, dot the lotion directly on your face and then rub in. Don't rub the product into your hands first or your face won't get enough protection!

If you're going to be in the sun for more than an hour or two, make sure to reapply sunscreen. For women who wear makeup, try a sunscreen powder to apply over your makeup. That will give you the protection you need while keeping your makeup in place. Peter Thomas Roth and Colorescience both have powder sunscreen products worth purchasing for that SPF.
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