International Mother's Soirée LCA Society Houston

Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Dr. Neelofur Ahmad Simran Rihal Terri Alani Dr. Sippi Khurana Casey Curry Stephanie Von Stein Ruchi Mukherjee Deepi Sidhu Donatella Benckenstein Irma Brindis Nicole O'Brian Las

Lights Camera Action / LCA Houston Society News (LCA) kicked off its Annual International Mothers Day Soiree in style on March 29th, 2016.

The yearly sold out event spotlights the diverse women of Houston who have made an impact in the community. "The idea behind this event to bridge the ethnic with the mainstream community and create a strong sense of community," says Ruchi Mukherjee, Founder LCA Society Houston. "Our magazine and the soiree is the prefect reflection of what Houston is all about", she adds.

BLVGARI Houston Manager Stephanie Von Stein along with soiree founder Ruchi Mukherjee announced the 2016 Honorees:

Casey Curry from ABC13

Deepi Sidhu

Dr. Sippi KhuranaDr. Neelofur Ahmad

Staci Henderson

Deneice P Leigh

Donatella Benckenstein

Irma Brindis

Terri Alani

Simran Rihal

Melinda Spaulding

Nicole O'Brian Lassiter

ABC-13's Miya Shay also attended.

Stephanie von Stein, Casey Curry, Ruchi Mukherjee and Miya Shay

The international soiree will be hosted on May 5, 2016 at Saks Fifth Avenue with Guest of Honor Kilian Hennessy. For more information please contact