Florida man caught on camera licking doorbell

LAKE WORTH, Florida -- Another bizarre doorbell-licking incident was captured on camera, this time in Lake Worth, Florida.

In this latest video, a man is seen standing outside the homeowner's front door before leaning in to lick the video doorbell several times.

The man is holding what appears to be a stack of newspapers or a phone book and pauses for a few seconds to point at various sections of what he's holding, though it's unclear what he's trying to point out. He leans in for a few last licks before turning away.

The video became public after the homeowner shared it to the video doorbell company's app on Jan. 24. The homeowner claims that the man seen in the video used to live in the neighborhood but is now homeless.

"He's asked my husband for cigarettes a few times but now he's coming around way to (sic) much," the homeowner wrote. "This was last (sic) straw. I've notified the police."

It's unclear whether the man faces any charges.

The incident in Florida comes weeks after another man was recorded licking a video doorbell in California for three hours.
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