Don't mess with these dangerous Texas bugs

HOUSTON, Texas -- Texas is a great place to live, just don't make the wildlife angry. Messing with these local bugs will surely ruin your day.

Kissing bug
Kissing bugs are bloodsucking insects that bite you in your sleep. Oh, and they also sometimes carry a potentially deadly parasite.

Striped bark scorpion
Don't forget to shake out your boots. You don't want to feel their highly venomous and painful sting.

Brown recluse
Victims of a brown recluse bite can experience fever, convulsions, itching, nausea and muscle pain. Ouch.

Black widow
While black widows aren't as deadly as their name suggests, a bite can cause sweating, rashes, nausea and dizziness.

Asp caterpillar
Cute, but not cuddly! Asp stings can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting or respiratory stress.

Yellowjackets can both bite and sting. Not only are they getting you with both ends, they do not lose their stinger and can sting multiple times.

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