Generous Texas police officer buys family much needed car seat

LEWISVILLE, TX (KTRK) -- One family is extra thankful this Thanksgiving due to the generosity of a Lewisville, Texas police officer.

Nicole Dean was driving home she saw flashing lights in her rear view mirror. She was worried she was about to get a ticket for a minor traffic violation.

The officer pulling her over was Jeremy Reyna. As he walked up to her door, he noticed her little boy in the back seat, sitting in a child safety seat that clearly had better days.

"We already knew the car seat wasn't--I got it off a Facebook garage sale site," Dean explained to KDAF-TV, saying the second hand car seat was all she could afford.

Officer Reyna tried to install it a bit better, but he soon realized she simply needed a better seat.

So he had her follow him to Walmart where he bought her a brand new child seat with his own money.

"I was a little embarrassed because it seemed like poor parenting but I was just grateful," Dean said.

"I got a 16-month-old daughter at home," Officer Reyna told KDAF-TV. "I looked at (Dean's son) and I couldn't justify putting my daughter in that car seat. How could I let them drive off with that with no other help?"

The officer also decided against writing her a ticket.
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