Donald Trump defends arming Japan, South Korea with nuclear weapons

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Sunday, April 3, 2016
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Donald Trump says Japan and South Korea should be allowed to defend themselves

ROTHSCHILD, WI (KTRK) -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not backing down from his controversial statements about nuclear weapons.

Last week, Trump said he would like to see Japan and South Korea enabled to protect themselves with nuclear weapons.

The GOP frontrunner says the U.S. cannot afford to be the policeman of the world.

"I would rather have them not armed, but I'm not going to continue to lose this tremendous amount of money," Trump said during a rally in Wisconsin on Saturday.

"And frankly, the case could be made that...let them protect themselves against North Korea. They'd probably wipe 'em out pretty quick."

Trump says it would be "terrible" if the parties mentioned fought with nuclear weapons.

"Good luck, folks," Trump said. "Enjoy yourselves. If they fight, that would be terrible, right? But if they do, they do!"