Lightning may be to blame for SW Houston house fire

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Lightning may be to blame for house fire
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Firefighters tracked down one of two missing dogs inside the burned out southwest Houston home

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A lightning strike may be responsible for a fire that engulfed a home in southwest Houston.

The fire broke out after 6pm on Meadway and Sunset Dune. The family was left with nothing after their roof caved in.

According to fire officials on the scene say this all may have started from a single bolt of lightning.

Firefighters were unable to go inside the home immediately because the electric company hadn't cut off the power. But they eventually made it in and located one dog, named 'Flaco.' The other dog was still unaccounted for.

Meanwhile, those homeowners are trying to deal with the devastation left behind.

"I'm still in shock. Fortunately, I have all my family here," said homeowner Alfredo Lona.

Lona says he was coming home from work when he got the call his home was on fire. Fortunately, the family wasn't home at the time of the fire.