Three people attacked by dogs in north Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A pack of dogs terrorized a Houston neighborhood this morning. Three people were bitten in the Forestwood subdivision in north Houston.

It happened just as kids were going out to meet the school bus. Deputies say the dogs attacked at least three people.

Juan Antonio Urrtea was bitten on the hand and leg by the dogs in his front yard just after 6am.

Urrtea said, "He would not let me go, I was trying to get him to let me go."

Urrtea says the dogs were acting aggressively toward his son as the boy walked to the school bus stop. Urrtea's son returned home with the dogs following close behind.

He said,"One dog bit me when I tried to scare them away. He got me in the leg."

After the dogs ran away from Urrtea, they attacked a woman, leaving puncture holes in her legs. The dogs then attacked a third person. Deputies and animal control then moved in to get the animals off the street.

Harris County Sheriff's Sgt. Cedrick Collier said, "One was shot by the responding deputy and one was tranquilized by animal control and the third as you can see is still on the loose. These dogs are pretty aggressive."

The last dog kept getting away from authorities and kept neighbors dodging for cover.

Neighbor Aurelio Riviera said, "One of the dogs came straight at me and I jumped into the pickup truck so I was like, I don't know if it is a dog neighbors are trying to catch or if it is dangerous."
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