Jayme Closs update: Charging documents reveal suspect's tactics, horrific new details

MADISON, Wisconsin -- The man suspected of kidnapping a Wisconsin teenager and killing her parents is expected to appear in court Monday, and the charging documents have revealed new details about how he hatched and carried out his kidnapping plan.

Jake Thomas Patterson, 21, has been formally charged with two counts of intentional homicide, one charge of kidnapping and one count of burglary. Charging documents in Wisconsin typically contain at least a partial narrative of what happened at a crime scene, as prosecutors try to prove there's probable cause to support the allegations.

Patterson told investigators that he spotted 13-year-old Jayme Closs boarding a school bus as he drove to his job at a cheese factory near Almena, Wisconsin, and "made up his mind to take her," according to charging documents.

Patterson went to the Closs home in an attempt to abduct the teen twice before successfully doing so, according to charging documents. Those first two kidnapping attempts were unsuccessful as too many people were around.

On Patterson's third attempt, investigators say he blew the door to the Closs home open with a shotgun. Jayme told investigators she had been asleep in her room when her dog started barking and she and her mother, Denise, saw a masked man dressed in black and armed with a gun approaching the door. Jayme and her mom hid in the bath tub, while the teen's father, James, went to see who was at the door, according to the criminal complaint. They heard a gunshot and knew James had been killed.

Investigators said early on in the search for Jayme that they had received a 911 call from an unknown person at around 1 a.m. That call was placed by Denise Closs, according to the complaint, before Patterson broke down the door, ordered Denise to drop her cell phone and put tape over her daughter's mouth. Patterson then shot her in front of her daughter, according to charging documents.

Jayme told investigators that she tried to hide from Patterson, but he dragged her out of her home and threw her in the trunk of his car. Jayme also said she could hear the sirens from the arriving officers as Patterson drove off with her, according to the complaint.

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The three people who helped rescue missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs after she escaped her alleged captor describe their experience.

Investigators previously said there was no evidence of any online interactions between Patterson and Jayme. Her family insists they don't know the man. Her grandfather, Robert Naiberg, told The Associated Press that Jayme told FBI agents she doesn't know Patterson at all.

Patterson confirmed for investigators that he had never met Jayme nor had any contact via social media prior to kidnapping her, according to the complaint. Patterson only learned his victim's name when he returned to his house after the abduction, and learned her parents' names after they were reported on the news.

Jayme was missing for nearly three months. Police collected more than 3,500 tips but no hard leads emerged.

During her captivity, Patterson hid Jayme under a bed at his remote cabin near Gordon, Wisconsin, for hours at a time and told her that "bad things could happen to her" if anyone found her there, charging documents state. He would stack totes, laundry bins and barbell weights around the teenager so she couldn't move without him noticing. The complaint says Jayme was forced to stay there for up to 12 hours at a time with no food, water or bathroom breaks.

Then, on Thursday, a woman walking her dog in the town of Gordon, about an hour north of Barron, spotted Jayme on the street. She begged the woman for help, saying Patterson had been hiding her in a nearby cabin and that she had escaped when he left her alone.

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After 88 days of questions, numerous searches and thousands of tips, missing 13-year-old Jayme Closs has been found alive.

Neighbors called 911 and officers arrested Patterson within minutes. He has no criminal history in Wisconsin.

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Jayme Closs

Photos of Jayme Closs after being reunited with her family.

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Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald has not said whether Jayme was sexually assaulted. But Patterson's attorneys, public defenders Charles Glynn and Richard Jones, have been lauded for taking high-profile cases with a special emphasis on sexually violent people, according to a state public defender office news release from February 2018.

Glynn and Jones issued a statement Saturday saying they are relying on the court system to treat Patterson fairly.

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