Family hopes doctors can help teen who has cried tears of blood for years

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A medical mystery has a 14-year-old girl crying tears of blood, and her family says no doctor has been able to diagnose her.

"It started with, like, a white discharge from her eye," the girl's mother said.

At 11 years old, the girl started noticing a substance coming from her eye. Right after that, the bleeding started. Three years later, the problem continues.

Her mom asked us not to reveal their identity, because she said other children have teased Erica so much, she even had to get a support dog to help her emotionally.

But her mom said not even a surgery on her tear duct helped physically.

"Ophthalmology, ENT, hematology. A variety of doctors and pretty much everybody throwing their hands up say there was nothing that could be done," her mom said.

The bleeding did stop for about a year. It was just long enough for the family to lose everything in Hurricane Harvey and for them to move to a new place. Then this week, the bleeding started again.

In a city with medical resources like Houston, the family refuses to believe no doctors can help them.

"If there's a doctor or someone that can help, it would be a huge blessing," Erica's mom said.

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