How personal tragedy help build photo preservation service

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- We all have photo albums tucked away on bookshelves or stored away in boxes in the attic that are hardly ever seen.

If you're looking to preserve those memories and convert them into digital formats, there's a Houston company that can help.

Doorstep Digital and its team of digital archivists help you scan, back up and organize your photos. The best part: the team meets you at your door!

"We started to see a demand for helping people with their priceless video, photo collections and helping them de-clutter. This business started from a personal tragedy of our home," said owner Jack Perry.

In December 2011, Perry's home and home office were destroyed by fire. Perry recovered thousands of images because he had backed up his photos and videos in the cloud.

Now, his team helps others preserve memories by converting them to digital formats and organizing them so they won't get lost if a disaster strikes.

"When you have the digital format, you can make the albums more beautiful," said Perry as he showed ABC13 a special World War II project that included special letters.

Rachel Bradbury said she found the service to be extremely valuable and said she used them more than once.

"My mom recently moved and she found old, old video recorder tracks. I don't even know what they are. They are so old," explained Bradbury. "We'll be giving those as gifts this year."

Perry was able to transfer the 50-year-old memories into a hard drive for safe-keeping.

"It truly is like the best possible gift you could give," said Bradbury.

Doorstep Digital is currently scanning photos and slides in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago and Seattle, according to its website.

"You have a computer that allows you to see it," said Bradbury. "A lot of this stuff is so old, you don't own the equipment to even watch them, and number two, these are all legacy projects. A lot of people that aren't living anymore that you're able to see in real life again and hear their voices and share the info with people in your family."

Another win for Bradbury was Doorstep Digital's delivery service. Perry's team can work at your home or take it to their offices located near The Galleria. Prices vary depending on the project and range between $100 to a few thousand dollars.

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