Deshaun Watson's lawyer says no settlements are being negotiated with 22 women suing Texans QB

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- While there has been relative silence in recent weeks, Deshaun Watson's attorney insists negotiating settlements with 22 women suing him over various alleged sexual encounters is not the cause for it.

In a statement issued to Eyewitness News, attorney Rusty Hardin, who is the legal representative of the Houston Texans quarterback, responded directly to words issued by Tony Buzbee, his opposing counsel who represents the women suing Watson.

Buzbee was reported in local media as saying "a settlement is not happening," to which Hardin somewhat concurred.

"We certainly agree that there are currently no settlement negotiations being conducted," Hardin stated.

Hardin, a Houston attorney who has represented high-profile clients in the past, went on to say Watson's camp never reached out to work a settlement. In actuality, Buzbee and his clients have "approached us on numerous occasions in the past about the possibility of a settlement."

Hardin continued, "We have made clear all along that there would be no settlement unless the terms are made public and all participants are allowed to speak in their own defense at all times. We want none of the participants-the plaintiffs or Mr. Watson-muzzled by a settlement agreement. Mr. Buzbee does not feel the same."

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Meanwhile, ESPN reported on Thursday that Houston police stated the investigation into allegations against Watson is "ongoing," though, it's still unclear how many women have spoken to investigators.

Late last month, at least half a dozen women who sued Watson were present during a routing hearing.

Twenty-two women have filed civil lawsuits against Watson alleging sexual assault or harassment during scheduled massage sessions.

The video above is from an April 2021 report showing that court date.

The lawsuits contain explicit language that can be considered graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.
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