Former officer turned attorney: Goforth case sheds light on dirty secret in law enforcement

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Third HCSO employee probed for relationship with Goforth witness
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A third Harris County Sheriff's Office employee is being investigated for his relationship with the key witness in Deputy Darren Goforth's murder.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A former Houston Police officer who is now an attorney says the latest embarrassing series of events surrounding the Deputy Darren Goforth case highlight a dirty little secret in law enforcement.

A third law enforcement official is now under investigation for allegedly having a relationship with Goforth's mistress. The news came Wednesday, the same day the Harris County Sheriff's Office announced the termination of the second deputy, Marc DeLeon, who had a relationship with the same woman. Goforth was fatally shot at a gas station in northwest Harris County last year.

"I know it looks like some kind of swingers society, but it really isn't," said former Houston Police officer Tom Nixon. "It's people who have aggressive personalities who have low inhibition."

Nixon is now an attorney. He said new officers are usually counseled by other field officers to stay away from women who are attracted to the uniform.

"I think it's an attraction to the power of law enforcement," said Nixon.

In October, Harris County Sgt. Craig Clopton was also fired for having a sexual relationship with Goforth's alleged mistress. Clopton was an investigator in Goforth's murder case.

Nixon said it's not all that uncommon for officers to have sexual relationships with the same women. He said it's a dirty little secret many don't know about, but one that has now come to light.

Deleon's attorney said he plans on appealing his client's termination.