Deputy takes down armed suspect with 2 cans of baked beans

PANAMA CITY, Florida (KTRK) -- A quick-thinking deputy stopped a suspect armed with a hammer, and all it took was two cans of Bush's baked beans.

According to ABC News, Bay County Sheriff's Major Jimmy Stanford threw two cans of Bush's extra brown sugar beans at the 25-year-old suspect who had walked into the grocery store after destroying his car nearby.

When authorities arrived, the suspect walked outside of the store with the hammer.

As they moved closer to the entrance, Major Stanford says the suspect, identified as Justin Tyler Stanford, started swinging the tool at them and walked back into the store. Major Stanford is not related to the suspect.

The incident, which was caught on video, shows Major Stanford manage to get behind the suspect and hit him with one can, followed by the other.

The other officials were able to move in and arrest Stanford the suspect.

The suspect now faces a number of charges.
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