SWAT officers find Harris Co. deputy's alleged shooter dead inside home

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Thursday, February 1, 2018
Deputy shot
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Surveillance video shows the aftermath of a shooting that wounded one deputy and the shooter's roommate.

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- We are learning much more about the man who was handcuffed yet still managed to shoot a Harris County Sheriff's deputy.

Surveillance video from a homeowner's security camera shows the aftermath of the scene off Kiplands Way Wednesday night.

In the first video you see the deputy who was wounded during the exchange of gunfire.

He runs out of the house holding onto his arm, he falls to the ground, and then manages to get away.

In the next video you see the victim, the gunman's landlord, being taken away from the scene by a pair of deputies. He was shot multiple times.

The roommate of the people who live in the home where this happened said he and three others live there, including the landlord, his girlfriend, and the suspect.

That suspect only recently moved in and had no connection to the couple renting out the room.

The roommate, who didn't want his name to be used, said the suspect is a disabled Army veteran who only lived here a month but had never caused trouble in the past.

"He was really quiet, he was studying. He was like working on a master's degree. He spent most his time when he was here in his room. He came down occasionally to talk to us. He was personable," said the roommate.

The roommate was not home when the shooting happened, but says his landlord was shot multiple times while the victim's girlfriend locked herself into a bathroom.

"I don't know how he got shot. I imagine he just got shot in a hail of bullets coming out or something. I don't know. Like I said, it looks pretty bad in there so I can imagine it was a nightmare," said the roommate.

This all began inside the home when deputies arrived to arrest the suspect after an earlier altercation that happened elsewhere.

When deputies arrived, they handcuffed the suspect, but the suspect managed to pull out a pistol hidden in his clothing.

Deputies say the suspect fired several rounds, striking one officer in the arm and also striking the landlord.

The roommate we spoke with drove the landlord's girlfriend to the hospital.

"Obviously a tragic event and to have it happen in my home is just very unnerving," said the roommate.

The SWAT team sent a robot into the house to access the situation where they found the suspect dead.

The suspect has not yet been identified by the sheriff's office, but we have learned he has a criminal record that includes a charge of terroristic threats and there was a 2016 protection order issued against him, as well.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Deputy shot in north Harris Co.

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