Deputies rescue elderly man as rushing water fills car

PALM SPRINGS, California (KTRK) -- While dodging power lines and fighting rain with 40 MPH winds, deputies in a helicopter rescued an elderly man trapped in his car in rushing water Saturday.

The man was hypothermic, but alive and safe.

Flooding concerns remain for the wash areas, with the National Weather Service warning people of heavy mountain rain, the hassle of road closures are causing some drivers to stay home.

"It is a problem because you have to go around but most people I know don't bother to drive," Laura Holguin, a local resident, said.

The rain didn't bother a jogger in the Araby Cove saying she enjoys the rain.

"Being used to being so hot all the time, so I wanted to get out this morning and experience it before it got too much of a downpour," Heather Benedict, a local resident, said.

With the Araby Wash right by where she lives, it was a good chance to plan ahead.

"It can get pretty dangerous pretty fast, so I wanted to come and check it out before things get a little too intense," she said.

It is an intensity that's making drivers careful of their surroundings.

"Don't go on your phone. Don't text. Drive slow and safe and watch out for people walking in the road," Brisa Siquieros, who traveled from Arizona, said.

Wise words to help weather the storm.
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