Political candidate's signs defaced with swastikas

Thursday, December 3, 2015

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A candidate for city council said about 30 of his campaign signs have been defaced with spray paint and swastikas along Bellaire Blvd. in southwest Houston.

Richard Nguyen is running for re-election. He and his staff said nearly all of their signs along Bellaire Blvd. have either been cut or spray-painted.

"I saw that my signs were cut up, spray painted over with symbols of swastikas," Nguyen said, "It's sad. It's sad to see things like this."

Nguyen called police Wednesday to report the crime. He and his campaign staff members removed as many defaced signs as they could and replaced them with new ones.

"I'm just sad since district F is the most diverse district in our city that we should find this kind of vandalism," Nguyen said, "It symbolizes hate in this district and we shouldn't tolerate this."

He said he does not know who could have done this.

"I'm not going to point any fingers," Nguyen said. "I'm not going to point any blame."

He is hoping whoever is responsible will be held accountable.