Killer in Houston 'bowling alley' triple slaying dies on death row

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Monday, April 25, 2016
(AP Photo/Michael Graczyk)

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRK) -- Twice-convicted death row inmate, Max Soffar died of natural causes on Sunday, April 24th at the Polunsky Unit.

Soffar, 60, was diagnosed with liver cancer in a prison in Livingston.

Soffar was tried twice and twice sentenced for robbery and killing of three people at a Houston bowling alley in 1980. Soffar was 24 when he killed Arden Alene Fisher, 17; Fisher's boyfriend Tommy Lee Temple, 17; and the assistant manager of the bowling center, Stephen Allen Sims, 25. All were shot execution-style after the robbery, worth about $1,000. A fourth person, 18-year-old Gregory Garner, was also shot in the head but survived following surgery to remove his left eye.