Neighbors upset by dead horse in roadway in SE Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Neighbors on Houston's southeast side are upset that a dead horse was dumped in the roadway, not far from an elementary school. An abc13 viewer said the carcass has been in the middle of Bellfort Street near Cullen Road for at least 48 hours. School children walked past the rotting animal Monday morning on their way to Bastian Elementary.

Eyewitness News placed calls into the city and police. City workers removed the carcass shortly before noon Monday.

We're told it's common for people to drag dead horses onto a public street for heavy trash pick-up, especially if they do not want to be identified as the owner.

If the Houston Police Department receives a report about a dead horse, they can send out an investigator to check for signs of abuse.

Captain Larry Baimbridge with the Houston Police Department said it is likely the horse's owner does not want to be found.

"The fact that the horse owner did not want that horse discovered on their own property indicates to me that there probably was some signs of neglect or abuse going on," Baimbridge said, "and they don't want to be connected to that horse."

Baimbridge is leading a new law enforcement task force designed to educate the public on animal neglect and abuse and to prosecute horse owners who do not take care of their animals.

"We see animals dumped and dragged to property, vacant lots and so forth," Baimbridge said. "Many times they're discarded in the middle of the night so that no one can see them doing it."

Neighbors who live along Bellfort said horse owners need to take responsibility for their animals.

"Animals are just like humans, and they have lives, too," one woman said.

Captain Baimbridge and the new task force are working to cut down on horse neglect.
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