Bill filed in Texas legislature to end Daylight Saving Time

AUSTIN, TX (KTRK) -- Imagine a world where all your clocks and watches were accurate. A world where your car clock isn't wrong half the year.

That world could be in view with a new bill filed by Texas Senator Jose Menendez.

Senate Bill 238 would exempt Texas from Daylight Saving Time, much the way Arizona does currently. It would take effect November 5, 2017, coinciding with the end of daylight saving time for 2017.

It's not the first time the idea has come up in Texas.

Last year, a House committee debated HB 150, a bill the author said would be "a benefit to many including mothers who do not want to put their kids on the bus stop when it is dark and put them to bed when it is light."

Political experts say the bill has little to no chance, but is controversial nonetheless.

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