VIDEO: Spring day care worker pulls baby up by arm

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A local mom is outraged and wondering who would pick up a six-month-old baby by one arm.

"I was really upset; I couldn't sleep the rest of the night," said Amanda Dishman.

Dishman is a young mother and veteran who served in the Air Force. She's apart of an assistance program that helps pay for childcare. Her daughters attend a home daycare in Spring. Dishman says it all started weeks ago when her 8-year-old daughter started complaining about the owner being mean to her sister, Audrey.

"She sometimes fabricate stories and she has quite an imagination so I just didn't want to believe it. I said you know you have the iPad if it ever happens again, go ahead and record it," said Dishman.

The 8-year-old took mommy's advice and captured some shocking video, showing her little sister being picked up like a rag doll. Mom says the woman captured on camera is the day care owner.

"I felt just heartbroken. I trusted her and my heart sank," she added.

Eyewitness News stopped by the daycare.

"Is this anyway to handle a little baby," we asked.

A woman spoke to me through the glass door.

"I can show you the video; it's here on my phone," I said.

"Let me see," the woman asked.

We showed her the video, then she said she declines my request for an interview. Dishman called police and filed a report.

Harris County deputies escorted her back to the daycare to get her girls belongings. Investigators are reviewing the video. Dishman says she also filed a report with CPS. She says little Audrey wasn't injured and she's since moved the girls to a new day care.

"She can't do that to a baby or to any children. There's a proper way to pick them up and when somebody is trusting you, it's their children that they love. They're the most important thing in their life, you should take care of them," she added.