ABC-13 reporter's story about daughter's near-drowning serves as reminder about pool dangers

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- As the temperature warms up, families will soon be headed to the pool to cool off, so officials are warning parents about the dangers around pools. ABC-13 sports reporter David Nuno is sharing his family's experience, which was nearly a tragedy.

"I didn't know what to do," Nuno while speaking at an event in Deer Park Wednesday. "She was purple, nonresponsive. I couldn't feel a pulse."

His wife Elizabeth was sharing the same story in Katy.

"I think most parents are like me. You don't think this can happen to you," Nuno said.

Nuno was at a neighbor's pool party last July with his four children. In one moment, he turned away, speaking to his son. Then, his four-year-old daughter Anneliese was floating in the pool.

"You don't think something could happen to your child because you're the kind of parent that pays attention," Nuno said, looking back on that day.

Nuno didn't know CPR. His wife did. Elizabeth described what she did next.

"On compression number 26, she came up and with all the water and took a breath," she said.

Anneliese was airlifted and on a breathing tube because she couldn't breath on her own. Today, she's recovered and full of life.

Together, the Nunos are working with Safe Kids Greater Houston, urging other parents to learn CPR.

"Learn CPR because you can save a life. It is a superpower that we all can possess," David Nuno said.

Visit to register for the April 25 CPR training in the Katy/Fort Bend area. Each family will receive a free anytime CPR kit to take home.

For more information, visit or call 713-610-5000.
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