50 Days of Dave Ward

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

PHOTOS:Dave Ward Celebrates His 50th Anniversary With ABC13

Dave Ward Was In A Movie

Dave Ward Loves Trains

Dave's Best Friend In HS Was Someone You May Know

Dave Can Whistle Anything

You Won't Believe How Thin Dave Was As A Child

Dave Believes There Is A Such Thing As A Free Lunch For Police Officers

Dave's First Car Was Cheaper Than Yours!

Dave Is "The Son Of A Preacher Man."

Dave Knows About Stunts Gone Wrong

Dave's Favorite Drink Is A Classic

Dave's Favorite Breakfast

Dave Only Wears One Kind Of Boots

This Is How Dave Keeps His Mind Sharp

Dave Shows His American Pride Daily

Here's Why Dave Always Brings A Pen To The Anchor Desk

Dave Was The First Dialing For Dollars Host

Dave Loves Costumes

Dave Is A WWII Historian

Dave Has A Pilot's License

'I was in the water up to my neck'

The Signature Feature of Dave's Shirts

'The devil's instrument'

Dave Has No Sense Of Smell

Dave Helped Shut Down The Chicken Ranch

A Southern Classic

Why NASCAR Is So Exciting

Dave's Favorite Game

Dave's Whisper Struggle Is Real

How David Became Dave

Dave Can Play One Song On The Harmonica

Add Dave's Name To The List of Celebrity Big Tippers!

Dave Paved The Way For Multimedia Journalist

Dave Interviews President George Bush On Air Force One

Dave Knows How To Survive Without Luxuries

Like Most Texans, Dave Needs His Blue Bell

Dave Interviewed 'greatest surgeon of the 20th century'

Dave Spends A Lot Of Time Looking Up!

Dave's Favorite Burger

Dave's Brief Recording Career

One Of Dave's First On-Camera Pieces

Dave Treasures This Red Jumpsuit

Dave Once Had A Gig With The Houston Oilers

Dave Answers His Phone Like Everyone Else

Singer Steve Tyrell Is One Of Dave's Closet Friends

The Journalists Who Inspire Dave

Dave's Sense Of Style

'Eyewitness News Tonight' Exists Because Of Dave

Dave Trusts One Man To Shine His Boots

Dave's First Day At ABC13 was November 9, 1996