Dart the dolphin, 12, dies at SeaWorld San Antonio

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Dart the Dolphin, SeaWorld San Antonio
Dart the Dolphin

SAN ANTONIO, TX -- An ailing 12-year-old dolphin has died at SeaWorld San Antonio in the park's fourth animal death since last summer.

A SeaWorld official said Tuesday that necropsy results are expected in about six to eight weeks on the Pacific white-sided dolphin called Dart.

Becca Bides says Dart died last Thursday after veterinarians monitored him for a month for unspecified health-related issues.

Another Pacific white-sided dolphin, a 37-year-old named Betty, was being monitored Tuesday for inflammation or possible infection. Bides says so far there's no apparent connection between the cases.

SeaWorld San Antonio has five white-sided dolphins and 21 bottlenose dolphins.

A beluga whale born premature died last July. A beluga whale named Stella died in November after apparent stomach trouble.

A killer whale named Unna died in December after suffering a fungal infection.