Dallas teens frustrating police and business owners with 'car surfing'

Teens in the Dallas neighborhood of Deep Ellum have been captured on video jumping on moving cars and "surfing," endangering themselves and others -- and frustrating local business owners.

"They don't really frequent any businesses -- they just like to sit outside and kind of do the stuff you saw in the video," Jeremy Wickwire, who recorded some teens "car surfing," told Rebecca Lopez of ABC Dallas affiliate WFAA. "It's frustrating for us. We want our customers to feel like they can come out and drink and see a show and have a good time and not have to worry about some guys jumping on their car for no reason."

Videos shot by Wickwire and his friend show teens running toward vehicles at night and jumping on hoods, trunks or roofs as the drivers continue apace.

Darren Cameron, who owns the nearby Glazed Donut Works, said he's worried about potential injuries from the "car surfing."

"I worry someone is going to get hurt out here," he told WFAA. "Who wants to come down and be in the middle of something like that?"

Cameron added: "We want people to be safe down here and enjoy themselves."

ABC News' Kevin Krause contributed to this report.
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